In the 1936 The Holy Cross Catholic Sisters established themselves in the area with Missionary activity and teaching children from the surrounding huts in the area and in 1970 the Mission was transformed into Sungarden Nursery School. The school moved from venue to venue until 2010 when they were asked to vacate the premises they were using at the end of the year. After much prayer and many meetings, Eastside Community Church invited Sungarden Nursery School to become part of their community outreach. In 2011 Sungarden Nursery School re-located to the premises of the Eastside Community Church with effect from 1 January.  Newly built classrooms were ready for occupation and a large grassed playground was securely fenced off. 

As the school settled a dream began to grow in the hearts of the leadership of Eastside Community Church to establish a primary school. The Principal had to continue evaluating the possibility of starting a primary school.  After many meetings with the wider school community, the leadership of Eastside Community Church together with members of the Sungarden Board of Management, resolved to go ahead with a primary school. Application for registration was made to the Dept of Education. This application was found to be favourable and Eastside Primary School opened its doors to learners in 2014 with a full class of Grade 1’s.

The excitement on that first day was amazing, with learners in school uniform, sitting at new desks keen so eager to learn. Watching the learners discover that they could read and then write was wonderful. The journey for this first little group of pioneers has been characterised by personal growth, the gaining of all kinds of knowledge as wells the deepening of strength of character.

In 2015, Grade 2 was opened and 2016 Grade 3, and the Board has taken a decision that the School will grow incrementally up to Grade 7.

“My dream is that each learner, from the very youngest to the oldest, would reach their full potential, not only in an academic sense but as a well-balanced, positive, secure and caring individual who can do life successfully with a deep awareness that significance can be measured in a variety of ways.”

  • Shann de Smit (Principal)

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Eastside School is a ministry of the Eastside Community Church and resides on the Eastside Property at 850 Primula Road, Moreletapark. We would love to extend an invitation for you to join us for services in the building, or online every Sunday at 09:00 or 18:30. For more info visit our website at