Newsletter 1 of 2017

Dear Parents


The start of a new year is always very exciting, and coming to school for the first time is even more amazing. We welcome all the new children and families. Those who were here last year – it has been wonderful to see how the children have grown.


We read in Luke that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. Our prayer for each child in our School is that

  • The knowledge we teach on a daily basis will be used wisely and correctly.
  • In 2017 each child will be healthy and grow stronger and taller.
  • Between parents and home we will help children to grow in favour with God by taking responsibility for their spiritual formation.
  • We will be a school where each child is given the opportunity to develop socially and emotionally.


Staff and staff changes 

  • Nadine Taft from the Teddy class is on maternity leave. Nandi Ngosi is taking her place for the time she is away.
  • Megan Lees has moved from Grade 3 to Grade 1. Cecile Pistorius is the new Grade 3 teacher.
  • Candice Huyerman has moved from the Ellie class (Grade R) to Grade 4. Our congratulations go to Candice and Sergio on their engagement.
  • Carmen Opperman joined the school at the start of the year to teach the Ellie class.
  • Late last year Marichen Absalom was offered a teaching position in the UK. Sonja Botes was offered the Grade 2 post, and accepted it early in December.


The Ellie class are now officially part of Eastside Primary School, and the Grade 4’s are really comfortable in the new pre-fab that faces onto the primary school playground.



Important things that teachers would like you to know:-

Marking of clothing and equipment

PLEASE MARK LEARNERS’ CLOTHES, SHOES, SANDALS, BAGS, LUNCHBOXES AND BOTTLES with his or her name. By doing this you make the task of finding the owner of “lost” shoes, hats and jerseys so much easier.  Check for missing “stuff” in the lost property basket. We keep lost property for 1 week, then lost property that has no name on it and has not been collected, is donated to Abba’s Pride.

Labels for books, bags and stationery for learners in Grade R – 4 should be here soon. These will be used on the equipment in class. The iron on labels for clothing will be sent home. Please make sure that ALL school clothing has labels ironed on as soon as possible.

Uniform for Eastside Primary learners

Please make sure that your child wears the correct school uniform to school. Girls MUST wear black ski pants or black boy cut panties under their skirts.


Clothing for Learners in Sungarden

Children wear their “ civvies” or normal clothes but make sure that these  are practical and easy to use on apparatus when they climb, run, kick and throw. Shoes or sandals should fit well and not fall off when running. Please pack in an extra set of clothing for the occasional accident or extra messy play time.


Please pack a healthy snack for the morning e.g. a sandwich and pieces of fruit or yogurt, cheese plus a juice or water.  A plastic teaspoon should be packed in to the lunch box if yoghurt is sent to school.

If you have or come across healthy, fun and interesting lunchbox ideas, please email these to the school and we will send these out every now and then.

No nik-naks,sweets,chocolate bars,fizzy drinks,

energy drinks or any food with a high sugar content, please!

While it is so hot, please include an extra bottle of water along with the juice.


A “school birthday” is a lovely occasion for the teacher and classmates to celebrate a birthday. A cupcake, muffin or popcorn is more than enough food for friends to have as a special treat to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Please don’t send a large cake that needs to be cut into pieces and served on plates. Party packs and toys, whistles and balloons are things to have at home parties. Please do not send these to school.

Suckers on sticks and chewing gum are NOT allowed.

Do arrange with the teacher before bringing birthday treats to school so she can plan for this event when preparing.

Learners in Eastside Primary School wears “civvies” on their birthday. When it is a teacher’s birthday, the whole class wear civvies. For the principal’s birthday, the whole school wears civvies.



No teacher is allowed to give medicine to a learner.  If your child has is ill and needs to be given medicine during the morning, the medicine, with a spoon must be taken to the office and left in the care of an admin person.  Written instructions of dose and time clearly listed, and signed by the parent must be in the packet containing the medicine.


Special request from the teachers of learners in the Dolphin class:

If your child still uses nappies (during the day or at sleep time), please send an empty 5 litre ice cream tub to school.   Instead of keeping the nappies, wet wipes and cream in your child’s bag, we keep them in their empty ice cream tub inside the classroom. This will make nappy changing time more efficient and easier for the teacher. Please continue sending nappies to school each day.



Extra Murals

You have received and will continue to receive, pamphlets for the usual, trusted extra-mural activities that take place after teaching time. There are a number of choices ranging from dance, movement, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, and mathematics.  Each service provider comes on good recommendation.

A helpful guideline for choosing activities for your child is to identify one that they are really good at, and another that will help them in an area in which they need that extra input. Please remember that forms and payments should go directly to the specific presenters/coaches. Do not include payments for these activities in your school fee account payments.


Calendar Events

Commencement Service

To begin the year on a high note, Eastside Community Church has invited us to a Commencement Service on Sunday, 29 January at 09h00. At this service the Church will commit the school as a whole, as well as the staff, learners and their families to the Lord. All parents and children are invited to come to this service, as it is a really special occasion.


Parent Information Meeting

Please note that there will be a very important parent meeting for all parents on Wednesday 18 January 2017 at 18h00 in the Eastside Community Church Building.

At this meeting you will meet your child’s class teacher, the bigger staff group as well as parents of learners in your child’s class. This meeting will be followed by a visit to your child’s classroom to hear what the teacher expects from you and your child.

Parent Evening

On Wednesday ,  08 February at 18h00, the first parent evening of the year will take place.  The focus will be on discipline, authority structures which you as parents would need to support, and how we establish the Biblical discipline principles that are an important foundation in the school. If you are new to the School, it is compulsory for at least ONE parent or caregiver to attend.

There will be a classroom and caregiver available, with an opportunity for learners to watch a DVD, should you need to make use of care facilities for your child/children.

Foundations of the Faith

Next week we begin the Foundations of Faith programme that builds basic Bible knowledge into the life style of children.  For two weeks at a time, the focus will be on learning about each of the character building aspects:





Foundations of the Faith


1 and 2 Everyone is Special to God


3 and 4 All things work together for good


5 and 6 God’s Word


7 and 8 Freedom from Fear


9, 10 and 11 Easter



The Foundations of Faith topic is taught in class, at assemblies as well in appropriate moments during the day. Parents support the teaching at home by using the guideline which is emailed to parents.


Arrival and Starting Times   

Arrival time in the mornings is from 07h00. If you are on the property before this time, please do not approach the building as this will set off the security alarms. Wait in your vehicle until the alarm is turned off, and staff have entered the school yard. This is after 7:00 and not before.


If your child’s teacher is not yet in class, please take your child to the “Early Class” which will be noted on a sign board. Every Monday there will be a different early class teacher.


The starting time for Grade 1 to 4 is 7h30. Please make sure that your child is in class by 7h25 at the latest. When children walk in late they disturb the class and worse still, have missed out on the first activity of the day.


Ellies and Bunnies begin with their first formal activities at 08h00. The younger groups have a more staggered start, but do try and have them at school by 08h00.


Finishing times

  1. Dolphins, Teddies and Bunnies end at 12h30. Children are supervised until 13h30.
  2. Until Friday 27 January 2017, Eastside Primary School will end at 13h15.
  3. After 13h30, which is the cut-off time, learners not yet collected will be placed in Aftercare and a fine will be added, in arrears, to school fee accounts.


Sport in Eastside Primary School

Sport begins next week. Sport uniforms must be worn every Tuesday and Thursday for the learners in Grade R to Grade 4.

  1. Grades R to 4 wear their turquoise Eastside Primary golf shirt, white shorts with tackies or sport shoes.
  2. Please send an extra container of water to school on sport days.
  3. A hat or cap is essential.
  4. Put sunscreen on in the morning to prevent sunburn.


Safety and security

The main church gate will be open until about 8h15, and then again at home times. If the gate is closed please push the buzzer for the school and we will open from the school office.


  1. Always accompany your child onto the school premises, making sure that you close the gate behind you.
  2. Take your child to the classroom and hand him or her over to the teacher on duty.
  3. Please do NOT give children the code for the gate. Only a parent or driver may open the gate.
  4. Please do not allow your child to walk or run alone in the parking area.
  5. If children are fetched from school by anyone beside mom or dad, we require a copy of the ID and contact numbers of the person/driver who will be fetching the child.
  6. Parents and drivers must sign children out on the class registers found on clipboards outside each classroom, or on the lockers outside aftercare later in the afternoons.
  7. Please ask drivers to comply with these requests so that we maintain as high a level of security as possible.
  8. Please ask drivers to bring their ID books and driver’s licence to the office as soon as possible.
  9. If you are unable to fetch your child, please phone or email the office with the details of the person who will collect your child.



An invoice is sent to parents on the 25 of the month. A statement will show the payment history.

Payment must be made by the 1st  of the month, and a grace period of no later than the 7th of the month is allowed.


Praying for a year filled with growth, new insights and new life.

From a staff and school ready to walk in God’s way in 2017.

Shann de Smidt