12 October 2016


Dear Parents,


Someone informed me that there are 11 Fridays before Christmas. That means there are 8 Fridays until school closes and a total of 42 school days. Teachers have planned a full workload, to which we add a concert and a really busy year end schedule.  With a full teaching programme, plus the extras, learners will be working really hard. Please give them lots of support, and time to unwind when home.


New Staff


The start of the school day is very different without Franki quietly doing her duties. I did mention at Franki’s farewell that we need a team to replace her. So here are some of the team.


Elize Kruger moves to the position of office administrator. She runs the data bases and office finance component. Christine Payne was a pupil at Sungarden, had one of her children in Sungarden and worked in the office last year. She is back on a short term basis as assistant office administrator. Michelle Sibiya had one of her children in Sungarden while the School was on the old premises, and has her son in the Teddy group. Michelle will be working on a part time basis, marketing the School. Michelle’s first big task (unofficially) was the catering for Franki’s farewell and the Art Festival. She has visited pre-schools in the area, planned the next campaign and will be running the surveys next week. Welcome to the two new ladies, and hope your time spent in our School will be rich and rewarding.



Eastside School in Social Media


Our School is going through a branding, marketing and upgrading phase. Instead of two distinctly separate identities, Sungarden Nursery School and Eastside Primary School are identified as Eastside School Pre-Primary and Primary. Take a look at the updated Facebook page and the new look website for the School.


New classroom

The last two days have seen the arrival of a new classroom! This will be for the Grade 4’s.  From the first truck driving onto site to finishing off the building was a two day process. We are very excited.




Preparations for the concert take place for a short time every day. Dancers and singers, actors and a variety of Christmas toys parade around our school while music echoes around the classes. There will be no charge for entry to the concert and you can invite as many people as you would like to have involved. To help with the cost that result from setting up of concert clothes, sound and lights and extra training, please send R120 for each child to the class teacher in an envelope with your child’s name and Grade written on the outside.    We will also need to know fairly soon if you intend ordering a DVD. A sign up notice will be sent to you.




As a School, we would like to be continually getting better at what we offer you as parents, as well as improve the teaching and learning in the School. On Monday 17 October from arrival time of seven in the morning to just before the parents’ meeting in the evening, then again from 07:00 to 17:30 on Tuesday 18 October, survey forms will be available to you to complete. This form is confidential, and only has the Grade of your child on it. Please allow about twenty minutes to tick the boxes and add comments. Parents who have learners in Aftercare would need to add a little extra time to complete a survey for Aftercare.  School staff and learners in Grade 2 and 3 will complete similar surveys during the same time. Results from the survey will assist in finding out if the School is meeting parent’s expectations, as well as what is going well and where further development is needed and  will be fed into the strategic planning of the school.


Evening Meeting


Just a reminder that we have a Parent Evening/Workshop on Monday 17 October.  We need to take a look at acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and language.  Then, Heather Annandal and her team from Operation Mobilisation will explain the Born 2 Fly programme together with Soaring High programme which run side by side to bring the Christian view to Anti Human Trafficking.  The programme is a great, child-friendly way of bringing across the fact that there are no short cuts in life and when someone tells you there is an easier way – not to believe them, that it is a trap.


Character Trait


As we consider “Making Decisions” as a way of developing a strong character, please help you children learn the value of using prayer and principles to evaluate how the choose what to do. Train children to think Biblically.





Shann de Smidt





Term Calendar for 4th term 2016




Theme: God is faithful  1 Cor 1:9


08        External First Aid training (Mari, Tanya, Zandile)

10        School opens for Term 4

12        Staff meeting 13h45

17        Parent evening with Heather 18h30 – 20h30

19        Little Lab Coats visit (T/B/E/L/R/L) (45 minutes ea)

20        Young Engineers Lego (B/E/L/R/L)(08h00 onwards)

24        Parent/Teacher Advisory Group meeting  17h30

Board Meeting 18h30

27        Young Engineers Lego (B/E/L/R/L)

28        Ice Cream Day

Graduation photos taken

31        Concert Practice begins





Theme:     God is faithful  1 Cor 1:9


01–04   Concert Practice

04        ECC Leadership Appreciation Dinner

06        Eastside Community Church launches Abba’s Pride Family to Family Outreach

07-09   Concert Practice

10        Concert Full Dress Rehearsal

12        Concert  14h30

16        Grade 1 Learner’s Party

18                    ACSI Principal’s meeting at Covenant College, 57 Summit Drive, Rispark at 13h00

20        Eastside Community Church Appreciation Service

25        Grade R graduation 08h00

27        Eastside Community Church Carol Service

29        Christmas Party outing SGNS (rescheduled if it rains)

30        Christmas party outing EPS (rescheduled if it rains)





Theme:     God is faithful  1 Cor 1:9


01/02   Christmas Party outing SGNS

02         Eastside Primary School Walkabout

05        Giving of gifts

06        Sport’s Day

07        Reports and Certificates handed out.

School closes for Term 4

08        Staff Year End Function

14       School office closes

16        Day of Reconciliation   Public Holiday

25        Christmas Day  Public Holiday

26        Day of Goodwill   Public Holiday

27        Public holiday




Themes – Sungarden


10-21 Oct                    –           Birds

24- 04 Nov                   –           Summer

07-11 Nov                    –           Air and wind

14-25 Nov                    –           Musical instruments

28-07 Dec                    –           Christmas


Themes – Eastside


Living things / organisms



Character traits


10-21 Oct                    –           Making Decisions

24-04 Nov                    –           Patience

07-18 Nov                    –           Selfishness / Unselfishness

21-02 Dec                    –           Perseverance, Diligence / Faithfulness