Newsletter # 5

This week I have taken time to appreciate all that Sungarden Nursery School and Eastside Primary School stands for, yet still ask the question, “What is important about our school?” and “Why would a parent choose to send their child to our school?” For me it’s many things – but what stands out most is the family orientated ethos with an emphasis on developing character in our learners.
Perhaps the other thought that struck me was motivated by the advertising of other schools –training leaders of tomorrow and the idea that everything is for the future of the child. I began thinking that if all learning is focused on what children will be in the future, what about the now? That got me to thinking about how much meaning are we building into each moment of the day, minute by minute. What about the now in which the child lives? Is there love, security, safety, learning, hope, values, fun and growth enriching each part of the day. What is the most important thing about our school for you, and for your child?

The appeal for dress up clothes went out, and the Loots family, via Riley, sent a huge bag of clothing. The learners have had such fun pretending to be bosses, and waiters. Thank you. What we have not used, we passed on to Second Coat. Drushti and her family have donated to Second Coat and the Abba’s Pride Teacher Outreach clothing and apparatus. This family has also helped with clothing for a family in need. Thanks for your support and generosity.

This month we celebrated the marriage of Teacher Samantha to David. We rejoice with this new family at this special time. As Samantha and David enjoy their honeymoon, Teacher Linda returned to school and in her very capable way has taken over teaching in the Bunny Class.
On the 10th May Teacher Ellen from Aftercare became the proud mommy of a little boy. Our congratulations to her and praying that this baby will be an amazing blessing as she raises him in the way of the Lord.

Reading Festival and Book Fair
Learners in all classes are preparing for the Reading Festival next week. Please help your child to get ready for this event. Each child will read a book or selected passage to the class in a more formal setting. An adjudicator will hand out certificates after the group finish reading. We would love to have you listen to your child read. Times and dates have been sent to you and will be pasted into the homework books.

On Thursday evening, 19 May from 18h00 to 19h30, our annual Book Fair will be held. Selected learners will be asked to read to the audience. After this, books will be on sale, as well as bookmarks
that the children have made. Please donate new and second hand books that you are no longer using for the sale – and would you please have these at school as soon as possible so that we can put a price in them, ready for selling. Also, there will be coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cooldrink and doughnuts for sale.

The new tarred section at the entry way to the school parking area is a wonderful improvement on the dust and stone that was there. What hasn’t changed though is the very reckless driving patterns in the parking area. There is one bakkie that is completely enclosed – no windows at all – that transport learners and travels fast. There is a parent who races out of the parking area in such a way that stones fly out from under the tyres of the vehicle. This is dangerous to other children and adults, as well as to stationary vehicles. PLEASE travel slowly and carefully in and out of the parking area. We need to ensure the safety of everyone using this facility. Right now this is not a safe area.

Winter uniform and warm clothing
As the weather becomes colder, please “layer” your children’s clothing so that as the day warms up jackets and jerseys can come off. Names written inside these, on labels or iron on strips are essential. This helps staff make sure clothing is returned to the rightful owners.
Grade 1, 2 and 3 learners may wear a white long sleeved vest under their golf shirt, preferable only when it is cold enough to keep a jersey or tracksuit top on for the day. Otherwise use a short sleeve or sleeveless vest for that extra warmth.
Despite ordering jerseys a long time ago, our supplier reports that the factory is inundated with orders as a result of more clothing being locally made. Please be patient as we try and get jerseys as quickly as possible.

Food and heating lunch
If your child is in Aftercare and needs to have lunch heated, please make sure that the container is one that can be used in the microwave.

School Fundraiser and GarsCom Fun Day
Before the weekend each learner will bring home 10 tickets. These are requesting a donation of R10 per ticket for school funds. Details about the ticket sales will be sent home in hard copy. These are:
Each learner receives a book of ten tickets that has the class and a number on it. This number is allocated to a specific learner and registered on a control list. The person who gives a R10 donation writes their name on the ticket, as well as on the small stub of the book, along with their contact number. The learner brings the 10 stubs with names and phone numbers back to school, along with the R100.

Learners are encouraged to sell as many tickets as possible. Extra ticket books can be collected from the teacher who will allocate the new number to the learner. The learner who does sell the most will receive a small reward for their hard work.

On the 15 of June all the stubs will be put together in a container, and two drawn, one to receive the Photobook donated by Jetline and the other the Placecol Hamper given by Placecol, Moreleta Park. Winners will be notified by phone on that day, and names sent out in our school newsletter.
Provision has been made for learners who can get to GarsCom Fun Day to sell these at Great Dane Park. Teacher Megan is responsible for taking in the funds and keeping that safe. Parents remain responsible for the safety of their children during the morning. Funds raised from this fundraiser will be used toward the cost of digital learning material that teachers will use in the classes.
Prayer requests
Please continue praying for the learners, families, staff and leadership of the school and church, that our lives may impact others and bring life and growth to those around us.

Shann de Smidt