Newsletter # 5

A holiday for most means time to spend family, friends and your children. I hope your long weekend was restful and happy. In celebrating Youth Day, let’s continue to pray for the young people of South Africa. They face many pressures, challenges, lack of hope and hurts that cause destruction in their lives.  Let’s also keep working in homes and at school to give learners hope and a future that is built on Jesus Christ.

We welcome two student teachers to our school. Nandi  and Hanri are rotating through Eastside Primary School to do their UNISA practicals.

Parent Evening

The programme for the last parent evening was varied and interesting. The main points were

Use of Principal Talk App

Elize Kruger guided parents as to how to load this app.

To use the communication part of Principal Software parents downloaded the Principal Plus app. Use the SMS  from Principal Talk + click on the link and follow the steps otherwise the following steps will help you to download the app:

  1. Go to your app store and search for the Principal Talk +
  2. Install
  3. Fill in the required fields


If you experience any problems please let us know. This may especially apply to parents using passport numbers instead of South African ID numbers. If we don’t have your correct cell numbers and ID’s, you will not be able to register on the app. Please come to us that we can see what the problem is.

Abbots and Clicks Group Presentation

10 Tips for getting Children to eat healthy food – we have been unable to get a copy of this talk. Did any parent take good notes that we could use to make the information available to all parents?

Vaccinations – Parent were encouraged to follow on from the 5 to 6 year injections  ( Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis and MMR) with the 10 year plus injections for girls and at 12 years to have tetanus and Diptheria follow ups.

Worms – Children should be dewormed every six months. Dogs and cats should be dewormed at the same time.

Lice – a Variety of products were shown, and parents informed of how lice are spread. Use of a lice comb was explained.

Finances of Eastside School

A summary of the income and expenditure was given by the school Financial Officer, Nicola Litchfield.  Parents were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Late collection of learners

Parents of learners who are signed out later than the stated times will be fined. Fines are based on times recorded in the sign out registers as well as the aftercare registers.


Please parents, check to see that your child is safe in vehicles and that drivers are not hurting your child or using foul language in front of them when they are travelling to and from school.

Sick Children

When children are running a fever or are not feeling well please keep them at home. It’s tough for them to be at school when they are not well. Also, germs are spread and the rest of the children in the class stand a chance of getting sick.

Events and activities

Open Day

The Open Day in May as a means of advertising the school went well. Thanks to each one who made sure learners were here. The Grade 4’s did a great job hosting.


The vaccinations programme for measles was done in May, and brave learners were given their shots.

Munchie Maker

Learners are really having fun being the  Munchie maker. Thanks to moms and dads who do so much to make this activity fun. 

Pizza Making

Dominos Pizza sponsored Eastside Primary learners and staff for a pizza making experience at their Moreletapark Branch. Thank you to the manager and her team. We loved the outing and loved the pizza!

Grade 4 Exams

On Monday 19 June the Grade 4 group write their first of many examinations. Please pray for this group. They have prepared well

Outreach with Abba’s Pride

Our first outreach for the year was a great success with Sungarden Staff leading about 60 ECD practitioners through the theme “Sport and Balls”.

Calendar Events and reminders

  • Please remember that photo orders are due in on the 19 June.
  • On 28 June Eastside Primary School learners will be going on an  Outing to the theatre.
  • Reports will be handed out on 30 June 2017
  • For the last week of school from the 26 to 29 June, all grades in Eastside Primary School will close at 13h15. On Friday 30 June, school closes at 12h00. Aftercare will close as usual at 17h30
  • Eastside Community Church will run Holiday Club from 03 – 07 July for children from Grade R to Grade 7. Please register online.
  • School re-opens on  24 July.


Find out more early next term about Fear Factor – to take place on Saturday 05 August.

Our school Concert  is planned for 28 September 2017.

This is a Thursday evening. Invite friends and family to watch…