Newsletter # 6


Dear Parents
Winter has set in. Watching how God changes seasons is always an amazing process. Naturally along with the colder weather has come quite severe colds and flu. Several staff members have come down with flu and are staying home to recover as well as avoiding the passing on of a myriad of germs to children. In turn, please do keep children who have a fever and/or a very runny nose at home. This keeps the spread of germs to a minimum.
Uniforms in Eastside Primary
Our supplier delivered jerseys this week. The colour of the inset on the collar was light blue, not turquoise, so we were not willing at accept the batch. The supplier did, however donate the whole order of about 40 jerseys to Second Coat. While this donation is a wonderful gift, it has not solved our need to have warm clothing as even the tracksuit order is delayed. Because of this learners are allowed to wear warm jerseys and jackets that are blue, grey, black or white. This is for jackets and warm tops ONLY. For the rest of uniform, please keep to what is required.
Another problem we face is that names are not written in clothing. Please make sure you use the iron in labels that were issued in January in ALL school uniform. There are always a few items of clothing lying around the school that cannot be returned to the owner because there is no name in it.
Also, please check uniforms that are packed in cupboards at home. It seems as if learners take home clothing without noticing that it’s not theirs. The jersey gets washed and then put into the cupboard and the owner cannot find it. It would be greatly appreciated if these items were returned to school as soon as possible.
Arrival Times
A big thanks to parents who responded to the request to have children in class by 7h30. Those still arriving later than this need to report to the office and have names listed on a register.
Ticket Sales
An amount of R100 for each book that was handed to a learner plus the part of the ticket with a name on it needs to be handed in today. If you have not done so, please ensure that the book with the names of those who donated and the R100 is at school on Monday morning.


To the many parents who consistently pay school fees and money owing to the school by due date, I want to say a really big thank you. This reduces the administration load on the Finance office, and so you tend to go unnoticed and unacknowledged. This is an opportune moment to let you know that by doing the right thing you are setting an example.
For those parents who have contacted the school, as requested, to make arrangements for payment, thank you.
As from Monday, parents with amounts for fees and other items still outstanding will be contacted by the Finance Office and asked to come to the Church Office to sign an acknowledgement of debt. Please note that reports will be released on Friday 24 June once all debt is paid.
Holiday Club
From Monday 27 June to Friday 01 July Eastside Community Church will run Holiday Club and use the classrooms, playground as well as all the ECC facilities. There is a special invitation for learners from the Ellie class to Grade 3 to attend. Please register ahead of time on the website of ECC www.eastside.org.za


Important dates
? School photo orders should be delivered on Tuesday 14 June 2016.
? Allocation of prizes for the donations will be done on Wednesday 15 June by the Financial Officer.
? School closes on Friday 24 June. Because Holiday Club will be using our classrooms, ALL equipment, toys and classroom teaching material needs to be packed away. Aftercare will continue as normal on the afternoon of the 24 June. As there will be nothing for learners to do, and if it’s at all possible, please collect children a little earlier on this day. Should you not be able to do so, send an activity to school for your child to do that afternoon.
? Please note that school opens on Monday 18 July.
? Advance notice of one important event to take place shortly into the new term – book Saturday morning 30 July 2016 for our Mini Olympics. Also, we will have a Mini Market that day. You can book a table at R100/ table. We would love to have food, clothing, excess household goods, toys, homemade items and any other fun things on offer. Please register in the office to ensure you have a table.

With warm regards

Shann de Smidt