Dear Parents


Welcome back

There were many very happy and excited children eager to begin the school term at the gate on Monday morning. The chattering and excitement continued throughout the day. Parents have popped in or walked past classrooms – and it has been lovely to re-establish contact after the holidays. While many of us would probably have preferred coffee and pancakes in front of a warm fire, all the activities that learners have already been told for this term are bringing a sense of anticipation and delight.


Mandela Day

One of the things presented to the learners was the celebration of Mandela’s contribution to South Africa, and the benefits we enjoy from his work in nation building. To show our commitment the Ellie/Grade R class picked up litter from certain areas in the school. There were a lot more than 67 pieces so we are pleased that our school could have created a cleaner area for all to enjoy. We would also like to collect two lots of 67 items of non-perishable food to pass on to Eastside Community Church. These foodstuffs are given to families in financial crisis. Please send one or more of the following to school by Friday so that we can help others.


Small packet of rice Peanut butter Long life milk Mealie meal
Macaroni, spaghetti, pasta Tea and /or coffee Sugar Breakfast cereal, oats
Soya mince Tinned fish Cooking oil Baked Beans
Tinned Sweet Corn Toilet paper Soap  


10 year celebration of Eastside Community Church, 5 year School celebration

This year Eastside Community Church celebrated their 10 years of being on this property. Sungarden Nursery School and Eastside Primary School joined the church on this journey in January 2011. Learners from the whole school will be doing a short presentation about the character trait of courage in church just after 09h00 on Sunday 31 July 2016 to celebrate along with the church. We would love to have you join us that morning, and support the learners’ presentation. After this, Senior Pastor Riaan Niemand will address the congregation regarding the future plans for the church and school.

Several outdoor and classroom school activities will be filmed this week and shown during the service as a reminder of God’s goodness to the school.


Admissions 2017

The opportunity for application to GDE schools is now closed. However, there is still space in our school for new learners, although some classes are already full. Please pass this message on to friends and acquaintances.  We are on a drive to add at least 50 new learners across the school. As one of the few English language medium schools with small classes, we offer a good home from home learning environment. There is also a strong focus on the development of the whole child with a high value placed on parent involvement.


Sport and Outdoor Activities

Just a reminder that learners in Grade R, 1, 2 and 3 are to wear sport clothes and tracksuits, with tackies on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as they take part in skills training and exercising.


Character Traits

A parent child interactive devotional letter regarding the character trait “Courage” has been sent to you. Please try and work through this with your child as the discussion will support the learning that takes place during school time as well as creating opportunity for your child to express his or her thoughts and understanding.


Of Fees and Finances

The work of the Finance Committee becomes a pleasure when fees and monies due are paid on time every month. A big thank you and special mention goes to the parents who regularly and consistently do this. There are those who have forgotten to pay fees and respond to a reminder, as well as those who contact the office should there be difficulties in paying fees by the 7th day of the month. What is a really big problem that affects the cash flow of the school and the payments due by the school, are those who do not pay, or do not pay on time.


Here is a reminder of your contractual obligations:


  1. Fees are due in advance by the 1st of the month, but must be paid by the 7th day of the month.
  2. Fees overdue by 60 days will result in a learner not being allowed to come to school, and action taken regarding non-payment of the school account. The information regarding debt incurred will be handed over to debt collectors who will act on behalf of the school in order to collect the debt.

Safety and Security

The change in gate code was effected late last term. Sadly there are still parents as well as drivers who allow learners to type in the code. Older children can easily get themselves from the car to the classroom, but they do not have the same sense of security, responsibility or awareness of danger as adults should have. So please DO NOT GIVE THE CODE to a child to enter the gate. Drivers are only too keen to do this, as they can then sit in the car rather than walk to the gate. When you inform a driver of the new code, please tell him or her that it is for their use ONLY.

On Monday, a parent had a laptop and handbag stolen from out of the boot of her car. If you saw anything or can help recover this stolen equipment, please contact the office. Then a warning – she was obviously watched as she opened the boot of her car. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle, and make sure that you lock your car and then check that is locked.


Important dates in the term ahead

Mini Olympics and Mini Market Saturday 30 July. Learners will have a chance to be in the “Olympics” and parents plus any interested family members of friends can come and sell things at the Mini Market. Tables cost a R100. Please book with the office to ensure a space. Details of the programme will be sent out next week.


Voting Day

School will be closed on 03 August. The church is an IEC registered voting venue. As the set up for this will begin on Monday 01 August, please take extra care with regard to safety and security.


School and Public Holidays

  • Monday 08 August is a school holiday and 09 August is a Public Holiday
  • 08 August to 12 August – Teacher Shann will be away on a course for the week
  • 18 August – Pyjama Evening This fun event will include storytelling, participation in activities and hot chocolate.
  • 29 September – Art Exhibition. Learners will begin preparing for this exhibition within the next few weeks. Art work will be on display, and friends and family are invited to attend.
  • 12 November – Concert. Although the concert, The Real Christmas, is in Term 4, learners are going to begin with practices within the next few weeks. Lots of help with backdrops, clothing, music and lighting would be great, so be aware of this in the next month or two.



  • To swipe your “My School” card at the various retail outlets so that our school can benefit from a small rebate o your purchases.
  • To visit our schools Face Book page


The Board and management of the school are very aware that we need to devote more time to praying for learners, families and staff in the school. We are involved in a spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of our children, families and community. Would you make prayer a priority in the next few weeks? If you are able to join us, we will meet in the office on a Wednesday morning just after 7h30 to pray together.


Celebrating life in the King of Kings, ruler of all

Shann de Smidt