Newsletter # 9 

Dear Parents

Classrooms are humming with activity. There are preparations taking place for the Art Festival that will be held on the 29 September. Assessments are underway. The excitement of Spring Day lies ahead. Teaching, outings and innings plus the sport programmes keep everyone busy.

Prayer requests

Would you please add to your prayer list a few extra things that we are praying through right now, for:

  • Teacher Sam who had an operation on Monday
  • Staff with a heavy administration load
  • Learners as they go through an assessment process
  • Art festival preparations
  • School development for 2017 and beyond
  • Families facing different difficulties

Health matters

In any community there are a few issues that keep popping up:

  • Lice seem to thrive at this time of the year. Check hair, and treat if you see lice or nits. Keep your child at home until the hair is clear.
  • Ringworm (which is not a worm but a fungus that looks like a raised ring on the body) is also very common. Treat and keep your child at home.
  • There have been a few cases of swine flu noted. For any cold or flu, please think of the children in the class and don’t send your child to school if they are sick.
  • There have been reported cases of rabies in the greater Pretoria area. Please warn your child not to play or touch animals that they don’t know.
  • It’s hot now – please send a broad brimmed hat to school and use sunscreen on your child.
  • Include a bottle of water every day.


Pyjama Evening

This fun filled evening brought out the best in parents!

First prize for best pyjama clad couple

goes to Mr and Mrs Gabela.

Cuddliest mom prize goes to Zandile Mgidi.

Bravest dad goes to this dad who

wishes to remain anonymous! 

An acknowledgement goes to all the moms and dads who would have come in their PJ’s had they been presentable and suitable for public display…



Umalusi is the accreditation organisation for private schools. Eastside Primary School has to submit a self evaluation by the end of October. One of the criteria includes a survey of parents regarding activities of the school. This survey will be sent to you in hard copy for completion later this term.  Learners will do a similar survey during class time.


Board Report Back

The Board met last night. The agenda was long and covered many key points in the management and development of the school. The budget for 2017 was presented and will now go to the Leadership Management Team of Eastside Community Church for approval.


Clothing and uniform

To honour the culture that we are building in our school, please make sure that clothing that learners wear to school is modest. This includes length of skirts and the tightness of pants for both boys and girls. As we go into summer and clothes that learners wore last season are worn this year, please make sure that the size is suitable, especially shirts that are too short  and tight, and pants that are stretched because they are too small. Learners have grown by quite a few centimetres over the winter!

Girl’s hair elastics and decorations in Grade 1 to 3 must be school colours, and not the bright colours that a few learners are wearing.


Arrival Times

The time of arrival at school is still not honoured. Learners for EPS must be in class by 07h30 and we would like Sungarden learners in class by 08h00 so that they have time to play before the morning programme begins.



Homework is designed to help learners get extra practice and prepare them for the assessment that takes place later in the week. Please make sure you listen to reading, sit with them when they practice, and ask questions afterwards. Please sign the homework book when work is done.


Drivers and Transport

We are having a little difficulty with drivers collecting learners later than they should, as well as the times stated on the signing out slip. Teachers hand learners over to Aftercare if the driver arrives after the 30 minute time period.  Parents are then charged for Aftercare or given a late fine.

There is also GREAT CONCERN about the vehicles that transport drivers are using, as well as the number of children riding in each vehicle and reckless driving of some drivers. As a school, we are not responsible for monitoring this, but are obliged to make you as parents aware of what we see. Here are some facts:

  • 13 children in a vehicle designed for 8.
  • 4 children in the back seat of a small car with not even one seatbelt
  • Vehicles driving recklessly in lunch hour traffic because the driver still has to collect more learners.
  • Children sent to the gate because the driver doesn’t want to get out of the car.

Parents, your children are precious to us. Please help by asking questions about the vehicle, the driver and the safety precautions taken by your child’s transport.


Special Events 

  • Spring Day is on Friday. Children can wear civvies on that day. Instead of sending flowers to school, would you send a can of food, packet of pasta, rice or mealie meal and any other item such as tea, coffee, peanut butter, sugar etc. These items will be set aside to help families who are having financial difficulties. 
  • Heritage Celebration. On the 23 September we will celebrate our different heritages. Learners can come to school on that day dressed in traditional clothing that represents the culture and background of your family. We will arrange for a few extra fun things to do on that day.
  • Art Festival – As we prepare for our art exhibition we urgently need the following: 
  • Egg boxes
  • Newspapers
  • Beer trays
  • Empty cereal and food boxes – small, medium and large
  • Empty toilet rolls
  • Pieces of material

Please send anything you do have to the school office as soon as possible.  The Art exhibition will be held on Thursday 29 September starting with viewing the art from 18h00. But the art exhibition is part of another very important event. This will also be a sad occasion when we say goodbye to Franki as she sets out to enjoy her retirement. Franki has been involved with the school for over 34 years. That is quite an achievement. We are going to use this lovely occasion to honour her service and dedication.


  • Book the date
  • Plan to be at the exhibition and farewell
  • Invite friends and family of yours
  • Invite anyone who you knows Franki and would like to join in on this evening
  • Be prepared to bring a plate of sweet or savoury snacks for after the event
  • Consider whether you would like to give a cash donation toward a gift for Franki. There will be a donation box in the office for you to slip money into
  • Think of gift ideas and let Shann know about your ideas


Paul says in Philippians 1:6 (CJB) And I am sure of this: that the One who began a good work among you will keep it growing until it is completed on the Day of the Messiah …


We know God is working in the hearts of learners, parents and teachers. Let’s rejoice in that.


Shann de Smidt