1 February 2017


Dear Parents,


Safety and security


In the past few days the school gate has been left open while parents take children to class. This is a big danger for the younger children. Twice now children have run out of the gate when it was open. Staff on duty have prevented accidents from happening.


  1. Always accompany your child into the school area, and make sure that you close the gate behind you.
  2. Take your child to the classroom and hand him or her over to the teacher.


  1. Please ask drivers to comply with these requests so that we maintain as high a level of security as possible.


  1. Please do NOT give children the code for the gate. Only a parent or driver may open the gate.


  1. Make sure you sign your child out on the contact list. These are with the teacher, on clipboards outside each classroom, or together on the lockers outside aftercare later in the afternoons.


  1. Sign out day by day, not for the whole week.


  1. If children are fetched from school by anyone beside mom or dad, we require a copy of the ID and contact numbers of the person/driver who will be fetching the child.


  1. In the case of an emergency, you are unable to fetch your child, please phone the office with the details of the person who will collect your child.


We are using a “chalk line” that children may not cross unless accompanied by a driver, responsible adult or parent. Please support us in the use of this line and ask your child to wait “behind the line” and not at the gate.


Please do not allow your child to walk or run alone in the parking area. Because children are short and are not easily visible to drivers, an accident can so easily happen, especially when a vehicle is reversing.



To the parents who pay school fees on time, without any reminders to do so, thank you. Also, thank you to parents who notify the office regarding difficulties with payments, or queries on invoices.

Note that the person to speak to about accounts and payments is Nicola Litchfield in the finance office. Her number is 012 998 2877.


As from the end of this month, the steps listed in the Financial agreement will be enacted. These are:

  1. Fees are payable for 11 months of the year.
  2. Fees are due on 1st and must be paid by the 7th of the month.
  3. Fees unpaid by the 4th day of the following month incur a R100.00 late payment fee.
  4. Accounts unpaid for 60 days will result in the learner no longer attending classes, and parents having to make other arrangements for the child’s education.
  5. Mora Interest will be charged on overdue accounts.
  6. Legal expenses incurred for the recovery of unpaid accounts are for the parent’s cost.
  7. Fees are still payable even if the learner is not at school for a shorter or longer time period.
  8. Three months notice period MUST be given for any child who is leaving the school.


Administration and Finance staff are on training to upgrade the administration, curriculum and communication systems and bring in the debit order system. We will keep you notified of progress.


A quick reminder of the Parent Evening “Training Children in the Way they should go” on 08 February. Details will follow.



Warm Regards

Shann de Smidt