Sungarden is a non-profit school under the auspices of Eastside Community Church. A management board comprising of parents, teachers and representatives of the Eastside Community Church governs the school.

Sungarden Nursery School provides a consistent nurturing, Christian-centered English medium pre-primary education. The learning is up-to-date and relevant preparation for your child, for our own primary school, as well as for any school in South Africa and abroad. The programme for three, four or five year olds takes account of the individual needs of every child in a secure, healthy and disciplined environment.

All pre-schoolers follow a special Grade R programme, which consolidates their development and skills essential for school-readiness.   They also get a head start for Grade 1, by starting on slightly more formal activities.

We offer a proper perceptual learning opportunity for your child which leads to a well-balanced and confident learner.

The staff participate in various courses to train them to meet the challenges faced by children in modern times, as well as the latest learning requirements.