Based on and growing out of the strong tradition and ethos built up by Sungarden Nursery School over the years, the nursery school is developing into a primary school, going up to Grade 6 in 2019. This fulfills the founding initiatives of Eastside Community Church who undertook to use the land granted by the municipality for education.

As part of the mission and vision of the Church, the primary school will also serve the wider community and meet the need for schooling in the Pretoria East area.

Eastside Primary School seeks to shape the lives of learners so that they can serve in their community. The mission of the school is to:

  • Maintain a high standard of education that prepares children to meet the challenges of life through a Biblical worldview.
  • Build a firm foundation for the future so that learners are able to reach their full potential and use their God-given abilities.
  • Recognize the right of the individual while teaching learners to serve others in a Christ like way.
  • Meet the needs of the families in the school and thus reach the community.
  • Share the message of salvation and God’s love with learners and  families involved with the school.
  • Develop a caring, committed and dedicated staff who strive to attain to the high standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality as they daily live out a Christian life as an example to the learners.