Our story began in 1970 not far from our current school premises when Sister Aquanata Mary Natterer transformed the Garsfontein Mission at 457 Jacqueline Drive, Garsfontein, into a nursery school called Sungarden Nursery School. Here is a short recap of our story so far:

1970 – The Sungarden Nursery School is started in September of this year by the Holy Cross Sisters at the Mission Home.

1971 – The school is officially registered with the Department of Education and the school year commences with 130 pupils.

1987 – The Roman Catholic Church takes over the running of the school on behalf of the Holy Cross Sisters and professional teachers are appointed.

June 1991 – The school relocates to the premises of the Glen Methodist Church.

January 2011 – Sungarden Nursery School becomes Eastside School as the school moves into newly built classrooms on the property of Eastside Community Church. The school is initially registered with the Department of Education for Grades 1 to 3.

2014 – The first Grade 1 class starts at Eastside School.

2018 – The school gets a new logo and opens its first Grade 5 class.

2019 – Eastside School celebrates five years as a primary school. A wing consisting of two new classrooms is built as an attachment to the west side of the church. The new classrooms are named ‘River Hall’.

2020 – The school becomes a full primary school with classes from Grade R to 7. As is the case nationwide, classes are taught online throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. The first class of Grade 7s graduate from Eastside School.

“Know who you are and become who you were meant to be.”

Eastside School is an English-medium, independent, primary, Christian school. At our school we help children learn to love the Lord, love themselves and others, and love the environment. We help them learn skills that will empower them to live wholeheartedly with greater confidence in a volatile and complex world.



we believe in helping children establish their identity in Christ; to love themselves as God made them and to celebrate the diversity of people around them.


We aim to empower our children for their future, not ours, by placing a greater focus on reading, critical and creative skills.


When applying for admission of children to Eastside School, it is important for parents to understand that our curriculum is biblically-integrated, based on the doctrines of Eastside Community Church. Familiarise yourself with our Statement of Faith


We are conveniently located in Pretoria East and are uniquely situated on the border of a natural wetland. At the moment our beautiful campus is under some construction as we make place for more learners. In the near future we will be able to host you in gardens that encourage environmental appreciation and teach children about sustainable living. Our extensive playground, with the natural wetland as backdrop, was specifically designed to provide pupils with a variety of activities to encourage development of gross motor skills. At present, the school sports facilities comprise one soccer field. After completion of the expansion project, the school will boast two soccer fields and two netball fields. Planning is underway for a cross-country track in the greenbelt adjacent to the school.

Expansion of facilities:

We are growing and are in the initial phases of our expansion project. Plans have been drawnup and approved and construction is set to start soon. What will the new facilities entail? Thefirst phase of our expansion project will include:

  • A new entrance to the school
  • Three additional classrooms
  • Additional ablutions
  • An additional soccer field
  • Two netball fields

During Phase 2, three additional classrooms will be added as well as additional ablutions, showers and changing rooms. Plans are also in place to replace the current pre-fabricated classrooms with permanent structures.